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"Non c'è amore piu sincero dell'amore per il cibo!"

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Rome's Signature Dish

Pasta alla Carbonara

The name is derived from Carbonaro ('charcoal burner'), it was first made as a hearty meal for the Roman charcoal workers. It remains Rome's most prized dish, simple yet undeniably tasty. You cant get a more Roman dish than this.

Emperor Status

Il Nerone

Nero was Rome's most infamous ruler, notorious for his cruelty, he was motivated to destroy the city of Rome so he would be able to bypass the senate and rebuild it his own way. This dish is our signature at Italy & Co, house-made Squid Ink Gnocchi, Pesto di Rughetta (Rocket Pesto) topped with Burrata. The only dish fit for a King.

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The Gold of Naples

La Pizza Fritta

It's a tradition that dates back to the 16th century, when the wives of Neapolitan piemen would fry the leftover scraps of dough and sell them on the street. It was then made popular around the 1950's when Sophia Loren starred in Vittorio De Sica's film 'L' Oro di Napoli', where she ate her Pizza Fritta wrapped in paper on a street in Naples. 

'The most famous, rustic, authentic Italian dishes from all the regions of Italy.'

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