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About our Chef

Chef Ambrosini

Chef Ambrosini's culinary journey was inspired mainly by her roots and the love of food for as long as she can remember. Having the privilege of being a part of one of Rome's most well-known, and respected Pasticceria's Pasticceria Alfiero.


Alfiero was known all over Rome for the level of quality and the delectable taste of his pastries.

Chef Ambrosini was given the opportunity to study the science of baking and pastries from none other than her father-in-law himself. She was then, married to a Chef with limitless talents in the kitchen, for over 20 years, this was the core of where she learned the true art of the Italian cuisine, focusing on traditional, rustic, Roman dishes. This inspired her to begin her culinary career when she moved to Melbourne, Australia. Her aim with every plate she serves, is for each customer to be able to experience Italy and all of its regions, in every single bite.


This is truly a rarity and a gift she possesses, as she lives, eats and breathes her passion, her dedication to her work is the only reason we are able to call ourselves Italy & Co.


Our History & Legacy

Since 1962

Alfiero De Gregorio

Founder of Pasticceria Alfiero.

1921 - 1997

Pasticceria Alfiero
Via Alessandro Volta, 36, 00153
Roma RM, Italy

Located in the heart of Rome, near the Pyramid of Cestius which remains one of Rome's most well preserved ancient buildings. Pasticceria Alfiero was open from 1962 until 1996. It is still well known and spoken about, to this day, for their unforgettable Cornetti and Bomboloni that were made fresh, daily.

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